Marble sculpting

 Marble is widely recognized as one of the finest sculpting materials. South African marble, and in particular from the Namakwa Quarry, has a very fine crystal structure that lends itself to a high quality of polish.

Aussie’s interest in marble sculpting started when he first started to grind white marble for sand. The hunt for more colors soon brought him into contact with some beautiful peaces of marble. He still grinds the marble for sand, but if high quality marble is found, the bulk is sculpted.

Aussie started his sculpting at a young age carving walking sticks with faces, animals and "bodies for the buddies" thereon. Admiration for Michelangelo's mastery of marble inspires him to create remarkable detail and top quality polishing on his sculptures. He used black Namakwa marble for this piece, "The Beauty in Black".

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