A Photograph of microscope image of heavy Minerals Sand from the coast of Zululand, South Africa.


Use of Sand in Painting.


Some artist experiments by using sand mixed with oil or acrylic paints to give texture to their paintings.

A large portion of modern day pigments used in oil paints are ground up precious stones, rock or sand. Rembrandt, Michael Angelo and most of the Masters used these pigments in their paintings.  

Natural Colours of Sand.

Earthly colours like yellow, brown, grey, etc are commonly found in nature., and only require some sifting and washing to clean the sand. For some of the brighter colours, and blue and green, semi precious stones and coloured rocks are ground.

Only Natural colours are used by Aussie and he uses clear glue with a brush, pallet knife or his fingers to stick the sand to canvas glass, stone or wood.

Sand Collecting


Aussie belongs to the International Sand Collectors Society, and collects his sand from all over the world.